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KATMANDU: – The meat suppliers determined the price of mutton to maintain consistency. Meat entrepreneurs said this was done to standardize the price of meat rather than charging different prices by arbitrarily taking advantage of festivals.
The price of mutton with tripe is Rs 1,000 per kilogram, the one with fat is Rs 1,200 per kilogram and the one with breast meat (according to customer’s order) is Rs 1,300 per kilogram, a declared the National Meat Entrepreneurs Association.
Likewise, the price of chicken is set at Rs 300 per kilogram and that of buffalo and pork is Rs 500 per kilogram each. This decision will take effect from Phulpati (October 12). This price will be in effect throughout the country, including the Kathmandu Valley.
Association president Ramesh Khadgi said separate prices had been set for khasi (castrated goat) and the non-castrated goat. “The Association has asked all butchers to post the price list for the implementation of the price decision. We will take action against any meat supplier found billing customers, ”Khadgi said.
According to him, there is less consumption of chicken and pork during the Dashain festival period compared to other times. He said that although the price of chicken and pork which are consumed less may fluctuate, that of goat and buffalo will be in line with the fixed price during the Dashain period.
The Ministry of Trade, Supply and Consumer Protection on September 22 ordered butcher shops to pay attention to the quality, price and hygiene of meat.
Meanwhile, the price of chyangra (mountain goat) is expected to double this year as it is not sourced from China. Traders have raised the price of mountain goat citing an insufficient supply of Mustangs that is not sufficient to meet demand.

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